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Jun 29, 2021

My guest this week is a specialist on the world’s largest and most secret asset segment – public asset. The hidden goldmine owned by you and me and seen all around us but yet kept in the dark by outdated public systems.

He led the first effort by a European government to systematically address the ownership and management of government enterprises and real estate. He is the author of ‘The Public Wealth of Nations’ – The Economist and Financial Time’s best book of the year, as well as ‘The Public Wealth of Cities’.

Please welcome my guest, Dag Detter.


Dag Detter offers us a unique idea which will revolutionise they way we think of public finance, be it for a national government or a city. He has unrivalled hands-on experience, backed up by academic data and research, to demonstrate that this is an invaluable tool to boost the economy and fight corruption. The idea of the public wealth of nations identifies a problem that few people had realised exists. It shatters the tired categories of left and right. And it suggests a relatively pain-free way of boosting economic growth.

As President of Stattum, the Swedish government holding company, and a Director at the Ministry of Industry, Dag Detter led the restructuring of the Swedish government’s portfolio of state owned enterprises, representing some 25 per cent of the domestic economy. The first attempt by a government to systematically address the ownership and management of government enterprises, quickly yielded high returns and the portfolio ultimately outperformed the local stock market.

Detter has worked extensively as an investment banker and an advisor in Asia and Europe and served as Non-Executive Director on a range of boards of private and public companies.

He now specialises in advising on the restructuring of public sector balance sheets and the management of under-performing public assets. He assists governments and public institutions in designing and implementing strategies for restoring balance sheet strength.

Dag Detter is the co-author of The Public Wealth of Nations, selected as; The Economist’s Book of the Year 2015 and The FT’s best book of the year 2015, as well as the forthcoming book The Public Wealth of Cities.

Recorded on: 15th June 2021


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