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Dec 6, 2022

Owning your own story.

With a background in Public Relations, Lesley Woods has 20 years’ experience of curating and creating compelling stories.  Her career has taken her around the world, working with international partners to shine a light on the work of her military colleagues, from celebrating Christmas in Kandahar to delivering humanitarian aid to the Central African Republic.  

As a current serving senior Royal Air Force Reserve Media Officer, she shares unique perspectives gained from her operational experience.  Her mission is to get you out of the (communication) trenches and into new territory, to get you thinking differently about how you can emotionally engage your audiences.  

In her civilian ‘day job’ role she leads campaigns in the UK Ministry of Defence Communications Directorate, a team that aims to ‘give a voice to the men and women who serve so that their stories can be heard’.  

To help the UK Armed Forces reach new audiences she has led collaborations with films, TV series and documentaries, from influencer events with Disney to a PR partnership with the producers of James Bond.  She once lost half an eyebrow evacuating a TV documentary crew from a burning toilet tent in Afghanistan....whilst wearing ballistic pants.  

Lesley shares the importance of using your OWN story along with tips on the concept of bullet-proof storytelling.  For those speakers that are interviewed, Lesley has lots of advice from her media training background.   And if you ever fancied climbing a tree for Tom Cruise, well Lesley can tell you how.


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