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Jun 14, 2022

You don't make a sale, you build a sale with Shelley Walters

Shelley Walters believes in the ability of the individual. In people being able to surprise themselves and those around them. And this is what she aims to unlock with everything that she does. Raised in a difficult environment, she quickly realised her background needn’t dictate where she went in life. That lesson, and many others along the way, helped her to see that we all have the potential to achieve more if we simply put the right steps in place to get there.

As the founder and CEO of The Sales Counsel, she established a first-of-its-kind on the African continent: a remote sales education platform that empowers sales teams to deliver better results. As the host of The Shift Show podcast, she shares her experience and lively personality with an ever-growing audience. And as she continues to take on ever more interesting projects, she always remains true to her guiding principles and the belief that we can shed our self-doubt to achieve and surpass our potential.

Shelley gives us a whistle stop tour of Sales, the highs and lows, the risk of technology on sales, tools to use in your sales process, sales cycles, how to build a sale and so much more.

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