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Dec 1, 2020

My guest has spent over 30 years developing the ADAPTAGILITY high Performance methodology, a synthesis of Agility, Adaptability, Resilience and Balance.

His ADAPTAGILITY High Performance Framework, and Digital Diagnostic tool, provides a proven approach, and deep insights, to activating, and optimising, sustainable higher performance.

This helps organisations to achieve eXponential impact, amazing growth, and outstanding results, in the mega-waves of change, challenge, uncertainty and opportunity.

I’m going to ask him to share some of methodologies he is applying to create thriving revolutionary workplaces. Please welcome Tony Dovale.


Tony Dovale is founder and CEO of Life Masters. He’s the Business Soul Surgeon, and the #BulletProof Growth-Optimised Mindset Guy. Tony enables meaningful success with his #Mind-Grow-Tainment, and SWIFT Action with FIERCE Focus approach.  

Tony helps people, teams, leaders, and companies, to win through wellness, and achieve exponential impacts and high-performance results in a human positive manner that supports People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony’s extensive human potential background equips him perfectly to help you build a consciously constructive workplace where well-being, happiness and high performance thrive.

He has inspired, audiences across the globe as he fuses real-life experiences, neuroscience, 45+ years of experience, and powerful stories together, to take you to the next-level of potential and possibility, in your life and business.

Tony is an expert in resilience, courageous growth-optimised, Mindsets, psychological capital development, and high-performance systems that puts #PeopleFirst in a digital, artificial intelligent, world, 4th industrial Revolution driven world.

He is a globally certified facilitator of the Science of Happiness@work(tm), the author of SOULSHIFT, SWIFT SUCCESS Mindset, & Riding the Razor.

Recorded on: 24th September 2020


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