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Apr 25, 2019

My guest today is a motivation expert and a student of the art of mastery. She has helped champions to win medals, business leaders to transform performance, sales people to win multi-million-pound deals and individuals to perform beyond their own wildest expectations. 

She is a grand prix dressage rider, a former national equestrian champion, a ski instructor, a bestselling author, and was Head of Content for the global computer giant, Dell.  As part of the research for her latest book “Find Your Flame - Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent”, she interviewed 50 world class performers from business, science, the arts and sport.  She identified five new intrinsic motivation types that reveal how ordinary people tap into the motivation and achieve extraordinary things. 

Sophie Bennett is a best-selling author and champion dressage rider with a strong business background. She has been researching what drives successful people for the last 20 years and is the author of several books. Her new book about what really motivates people was released in September 2018.

Find Your Flame – Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent, explores five motivational triggers that her research has uncovered. Those triggers, The Five Flames of Motivation, are already being taught at Cranfield University as part of one of their leadership programs. Sophie has created a fresh and simple approach to motivating people and firing-up teams. The findings come from interviews with over 35 world-class performers from business, sport, science and the arts, a unique survey of more than 100 driven people and a review of the latest science.

Sophie Bennett spent over 10 years in the technology sector. She founded, built and sold a telecoms company in the early days of deregulation, became a professional writer for IT companies, has authored and program managed many multi-million-dollar winning proposals and she led a global content team at Dell.  She has a keen interest in technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence. She has also recently fulfilled a lifelong dream and qualified as a ski instructor. Her eclectic background as an equestrian, sportswoman, peak-performance expert, author, and businesswoman guarantees audiences an interesting journey.

Sophie is a regular guest on the Thomson Reuters Global Markets Forum, has been featured in Psychologies Magazine, Metro, BBC radio, Female First, Gulf News, Moneywise, and is a popular podcast guest. Her books include a best-seller about how we think and behave around money, Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind Over Money, that was a No.1 on Amazon for several months. She also recently structured, contributed and edited the futurism book Humanification – Go Digital – Stay Human, that was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018.

Sophie Bennett is an ideal speaker for audiences needing a motivational boost during periods of rapid change. Her mental horsepower also makes her a strong choice for participation on Q&A panels and she is especially well-suited to expert panels discussing leadership, the impact of technology, employee engagement, women in leadership, people management and the changing nature of work.

Recorded: 4th April 2019


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