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Jul 21, 2020

My guest this week is a Future-Ready Innovator. She has led transformation for Adobe, Autodesk, LiveNation as well as founding two Silicon Valley companies. Today she is building the Executive Growth Alliance, a global community of open curious and brave leaders collaborating to drive change in environment, transportation, health and consumer services. 

She is here to share her journey to future-readiness and what it takes for leaders to succeed in today’s fast paced world of change.  Please give a warm speaking business welcome to Jennifer Vessels.


As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur; leader of transformation for Adobe, Cisco, LiveNation; and Chief Innovator for Next Step, Jennifer Vessels is an acknowledged expert in understanding what really works to drive change, leverage digitalisation, avoid disruption and gain tangible returns on innovation.  Her real – world examples and practical leadership, business growth and transformation techniques are proven to deliver increased productivity, speed up change, increase customer engagement and revenue growth.

Future-readiness, i.e. adaptability, openness to global perspectives, willingness to explore and collaboration are natural to Jennifer.  Through her career in Technology Sales and Leadership with UB Networks and Tandberg, Jennifer built and led global teams consistently exceeding targets – across 3 continents in 6 years.

After launching Tandberg USA, Jennifer founded Next Step in Silicon Valley to maximise results for companies committed to growth. Her vision and practical approach were instrumental in Next Step’s leadership of global expansion of Google, Netflix, Palo Alto Networks and business transformation for Adobe, AutoDesk, Avinor, Goodwill, LiveNation.

As a natural connector, Jennifer knows the importance of human collaboration to address challenges, explore new ideas and drive success.  In 2017, she established the Executive Growth Alliance (EGA), a worldwide community of Open, Curious Brave leaders who collaborate locally and globally to become future-ready.  Using proven power of peers methodology, EGA members collaborate to co-create new solutions and share learning as they address common innovation challenges.    The result is growth for the members and their organizations, while impacting global challenges in agriculture, environment, health, industry and mobility.

Jennifer is well-recognised as a high-impact speaker, conference moderator and workshop facilitator for Leadership Conferences, Corporate Events, Sales Meetings, Industry Association Meetings, Gartner Group Conferences, Vistage Events +.  Her contributions to leadership and futurist blogs, publications, podcasts and LinkedIn demonstrate her commitment to global future-readiness, new leadership approaches, business transformation and team diversity.

If you want real results, learning and action, Jennifer is guaranteed to deliver.

Recorded on: 26th February 2020


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