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Mar 22, 2022

Speaker Bureau MD Radleigh Addington takes us behind the scenes at Chartwell Speaker Bureau 

Raleigh Addington is MD of Chartwell Speakers Bureau and has been in the speaking industry for 10 years. As well as working in the UK/Europe market, he also opened the Chartwell Asia office in 2014 giving him both experience in the Asia market but also "co-broking" with US-Based Agencies. Back in London now, his role mainly consists of handling "exclusive speakers" and managing the corporate speaking engagements for a range of high-profile economists, politicians, technology entrepreneurs & academics.

Raleigh shares with us his thoughts on the speaking market for 2022, the do’s and dont's when working with a bureau and more specifically Chartwell, insights into some of the big names he’s booked and the topics he’s being asked for in the market currently. 

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