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May 3, 2022

How to get booked to speak in the US 

Gail Davis' decades of experience in corporate marketing and event management served as the launch pad for GDA Speakers. Before establishing the company in 1999, she spent 20 years managing the events of the Dallas-based global technology conglomerate - Electronic Data Systems (EDS) - founded by Ross Perot.

While at EDS she discovered Nando Parrado, a heroic survivor of the 1972 Andes plane crash. Parrado presented an unforgettable speech at EDS’ marquee event. Shortly after his successful keynote, Parrado signed an exclusive agreement with our guest as it was her efforts that convinced him to share his story after so many years. It was this partnership with Parrado which eventually anchored the creation of GDA Speakers. She continues to discover new talent and under her passionate leadership, GDA Speakers has vetted and curated many highly qualified speakers who they deliver to clients with confidence.

Gail shares insights into the US speaker market, what she looks for in an international speaker and any tips she can share for a non-US speaker to get listed with a US bureau. If you’d like to take your speaking business international then this podcast is a must listen.

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