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Dec 13, 2022

Finding your 'True Funny' 

Paul Dornan has worked in the TV and film and comedy world for over two decades as a writer, producer, director, teacher and mentor. Specialising in character comedy and comedy-drama, he’s written and helped create sketch shows, sit-coms, series and films that have won awards, stormed the box office and sold around the world. Along the way he’s worked with a galaxy of stars – from Dame Edna to Mrs Merton aka Caroline Aherne from Boy George to Downton’s Hugh Bonneville, from Lenny Henry to the Spice Girls. A natural collaborator and team player, he’s acted as writing mentor for rising comedy talents and once co-wrote the massive Sunday Times No 1 bestseller ‘The A-Z OF Behaving Badly with Simon Nye – one of the biggest comedy books ever.

Away from page and screen, he has used his narrative skills in the business world too, helping a range of international brands with creative brainstorming and story.

He’s now the founder of a new venture – True Funny – a service offering creative consultancy and coaching to help professional speakers bring more humour, warmth and likeable storytelling to their work.

Paul shares how his work as a writer and director can help speakers make great main-stage speeches, what true funny is and why this is so important for professional speakers and whether making people laugh is a god given gift, a magic trick, or is this something anyone can learn.


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