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Apr 13, 2021

My guests today co-host a podcast called The Advanced Selling Podcast.  
They started this podcast 14 years ago and have over 800 episodes up — and boast a LinkedIn following of 12,000 group members. 
They each have their own sales coaching practice and team up every week to deliver tips strategies and attitudes for today’s professional salesperson. 

Please welcome Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale.


Bill Caskey

Bill Caskey is a sales development leader and experimenter who has been improving B2B sales teams and executives since 1990. His philosophies and strategies have fuelled explosive growth in sales and profits for his clients. Bill is passionate about sharing his ideas about selling, business life, money and meaning.

But his work expands beyond business-to-business and individual training and coaching. He is the author of Same Game New Rules, Rewire The Sales Mind, The Sales Playbook and Email It!

He also co-hosts with Bryan Neale, The Advanced Selling Podcast (iTunes), a weekly podcast counselling sales forces and leaders all over the globe, who seek to improve their business. The program is the top sales podcasts with downloads of over 150,000/ month with 7,500,000 downloads in 13 years. He also blogs extensively at

Bryan Neale Bio

Bryan Neale grew up in a small town on the border of Indiana and Kentucky (He speaks fluent hillbilly). He went to Indiana University (he co-founded the IU Dance Marathon in 1991- now one of the largest student-led fund raisers in the country).

He sold, managed people, trained people at one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies headquartered in Cincinnati, OH that sounds like “Shocked Her and Ramble” (but shall remain nameless). He won a refrigerator on The Price is Right in 1995.

He’s a self-taught pianist, drummer and guitarist and writes movies for fun. He owned a Harley when he was 25. He hosts The Advanced Selling Podcast with my friend Bill Caskey.

Bryan trains, coaches and advises salespeople, sales managers and CEOs on anything to do with the sales function in their company. He has a passion for keynote speaking.

Recorded on: 1st March 2021 


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