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Jul 2, 2019

My guest this week is the author of 8 books, a coach, consultant and of course a speaker.  His focus on authentic leadership and high performance is under-pinned by his inspirational 'purpose' approach which has been utilised by world-class companies.  In our discussion he shares how to find your purpose and how once you have, how to lead with purpose.  Please welcome Ben Renshaw. 


Ben Renshaw is a global leadership expert specialising in purpose-led cultures. Ben’s focus on authentic leadership and high-performance is linked by his inspirational ‘purpose’ approach utilised by world-class companies. He is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker, who transports his audience’s thinking beyond what they first thought was possible.

Ben has written 8 popular books inspiring people to be the best version of themselves including “Purpose: Why leading with purpose drives your success”, “Lead: Be inspired, inspire others” and “SuperCoaching: The missing ingredient for high performance”.  In Purpose, Ben provides insights on how people can reach new levels of meaning, performance and how to accelerate growth whilst, in Lead he explains how in 50 concise steps you can accelerate leadership development in meaningful ways.

As a keynote speaker, Ben has designed and delivered presentations to major corporate brands including BT – “Agile Business & Balanced Life”, IHG – “Fit for Purpose”, M&S – “The Successful Leader”, Shell International – “Winning Teams” and Zurich – “SuperCoaching”

Ben runs senior leadership development programmes with global organisations designed to build leadership capability to deliver the company strategy.  He has provided executive coaching programmes for top leaders worldwide focusing on areas including career success, promotions, transitions, leadership development, stakeholder management and high performing teams.  Great companies succeed in today’s complex and competitive environment by developing great teams. Team Coaching creates an environment conducive to focusing on vision, priorities and agreeing on ways of working. It enables people to understand the real drivers behind why people do what they do, to align with future opportunities and to deepen relationships to help the team enjoy sustainable success.

He has been a spokesperson for many national campaigns on happiness, relationships and wellbeing including Boots, Kodak, P&G, Unilever and Vodafone. He was the relationship expert for C4 award-winning programme Perfect Match. Other television appearances have included Newsnight, BBC News, Richard & Judy, GMTV and the Open University.

Recorded: 20th June 2019


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