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Mar 21, 2019

Angela Oguntala is a futurist and a director at Greyspace – a design and futures consultancy that partners with organisations to think, plan and design for the future. She has worked in education, healthcare, finance, fashion, sustainability and in a range of other spaces across culture and technology. Selected clients of hers include IKEA, Hermès, Microsoft, Philips, and various media groups. She has also been an advisor for policy organisations and large-scale city planning projects in Northern Europe.

Angela is a Salzburg Global Fellow and has been named a Future Innovator by The United Nations ICT / Ars Electronica for her thinking and work. In 2017, she was also named a leading creative entrepreneur by Kinfolk and featured as part of their best-selling book series The Kinfolk Entrepreneur.

She previously served as the head of the Innovation Lab at EH Design, a group focused on designing and experimenting around emerging technologies.

Angela Oguntala is a frequent speaker at conferences and events on future-facing topics, including themes that explore the possible impacts of near-future technologies on culture and society.  She is an American, currently based in Copenhagen.

Recorded: 28th February 2019


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