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Feb 22, 2022

In this episode of #SpeakingBusinessPodcast I talk to Alex Staniforth.

Too many people settle for base camp when the summit is out of view.  But Alex is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

At just 26, he's a record-breaking adventurer, athlete, author and charity founder who has already survived the two biggest disasters in Mount Everest history as a teenager.

However, his biggest challenges have been much closer to home, suffering with epilepsy, stammering, bullying and mental ill health.

He confronts these through extreme outdoor challenges, to inspire others to achieve their own peak.

Now he regularly shares his adventures and ultra-endurance strategies with businesses and conferences internationally, helping them build their 'resilience rucksack' to beat burnout, re-define success and take advantage of the challenges ahead.

He is also the founder of Mind Over Mountains, a charity helping people to restore their mental health through the outdoors.

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