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Nov 22, 2018

My guest this week is business analyst, consultant and former Trustee and Communications Director for the Cutty Sark, Stephen Archer.

Stephen talks about leadership in the context of the changes in European and global economics and the shifts in the political impetus behind globalisation.  He is both excited and vexed by what is going on.  His work is focused on supporting leaders to navigate through the chaos of what may seem impossibly unpredictable times. 

In this week’s show, we talk about making sense of the chaos of what is going on in world and we hear about the 5 traits that make a great leader.


Stephen Archer’s expertise and experience uniquely places him to speak on the changes in worldwide economics and structural changes and their impact on your organisation. The ‘new order’ of globalisation is now being rocked, free trade is no longer a given and even democracy cannot be taken for granted.  In short, we have entered a period of instability.

All of these fundamental 21st century changes are happening so fast that the need for a special kind of leadership is now essential. For everyone it is increasingly hard to see through the fog of news and decipher the implications. Employees and customers alike feel the same and look for informed leadership to help them to understand the place of the organisation and the individual in today’s world. Issues such as runaway global debt, trade wars, populism, nationalism, low economic growth rates, artificial intelligence and volatile sovereign leadership are all taking their toll on confidence and despite ‘progress’ there is also a widespread retrenchment in investment. This is understandable with such uncertainty, but an understanding of more certainty is possible.

Stephen will take you through the state of the planet today and how all of these pieces fit together. He will lay out a clear picture of what is happening and how to lead yourself and your organisation through the coming years. It’s a serious topic but Stephen is an entertaining man – you will have fun on the journey. As he says: “I refuse to get depressed by world events. There is so much craziness going on and feral behaviour amongst politicians. You can turn off the news in horror, but I prefer to understand it and see the absurdities and the funny side. If you see the funny side it helps to make sense of it all and give a clearer perspective.”

Stephen Archer has been a consultant to multi-national companies in the USA and Europe at C-suite level. His main areas of expertise are commercial performance and leadership improvement in high-performance organisations. Stephen talks both in the capacity of an advisor to businesses and from the perspective of a business owner and someone who has set up and sold businesses. A decade ago he became a regular commentator on the challenges of the world’s politico-economic flux. In this time of unprecedented uncertainty he brings clarity to issues surrounding Brexit, global leadership and the economic outlook. He was a Trustee and then chairman of Cutty Sark when it went through the disastrous fire and rebuild but was there for the Queen to re-open it in 2012. 

Recorded: 8th November 2018


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