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Welcome to Speaking Business Podcast.

Speaking Business Podcast is a practical no waffle no nonsense podcast packed with actionable advice for Speakers wanting to be more bookable and make more money.

Dec 27, 2022

Intentional Storytelling

Steve Ashton is an expert in Executive Presence and Storytelling.  He became an expert in both of these disciplines through personal experience of being the sales and marketing director of a business that grew from £7m turnover to £68m in 3 years, through thousands of hours of live tv,...

Dec 20, 2022

How every speaker could benefit from having a manager.

Who better to be looking after your speaking career, than a manager used to dealing with bookers, promoters, and agents in one of the toughest of all businesses – the music business?

QJ is very familiar with the notorious rogues, the dodgy dealings and the...

Dec 13, 2022

Finding your 'True Funny' 

Paul Dornan has worked in the TV and film and comedy world for over two decades as a writer, producer, director, teacher and mentor. Specialising in character comedy and comedy-drama, he’s written and helped create sketch shows, sit-coms, series and films that have won awards, stormed the...

Dec 6, 2022

Owning your own story.

With a background in Public Relations, Lesley Woods has 20 years’ experience of curating and creating compelling stories.  Her career has taken her around the world, working with international partners to shine a light on the work of her military colleagues, from celebrating Christmas...

Nov 29, 2022

How Santa, chocolate, questions and acronyms help you be a better speaker

George Nagle might be best described as a breakthrough thinker.

He is a former executive director for multi-billion-dollar organisations and launched 19 products in 14 months at one point.

George is also a bit of a nerd with a MS and MBA but...