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Jun 21, 2018

This week Maria’s guest on the show is Tony Hawks, who is a British author and comedian and best known for his appearances on shows like "QI", "Just a Minute", and "I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue". His bestselling books include "Round Ireland with a Fridge" which has sold nearly a million copies worldwide. He is not to be mixed up with Tony Hawk, the American skateboarder, who is not as funny as Tony.

Recorded on: 5th April 2018  

Show Notes:

In this week’s show Tony Hawks tells us about his big hit with his band Morris Minor and the Majors and how through his music, his career in comedy began. He talks about the reason why he hitch-hiked round Ireland with a fridge and how that motivated him to write a bestselling book about it. Also, how he was able to open a care centre for kids with cerebral palsy in Moldova due to a silly bet and how he incorporates some of the lessons from his adventures into his corporate talks.


Morris Minor and The Majors – Stutter Rap video

Tony Hawks Centre Maldova

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Significant quotes:

“Ireland's the one place in the world where you could hitch with a fridge and get all the way around.”

Next Week:

Join us next week when Maria’s guest will be one of the country’s leading experts on sales motivation, Phil Hesketh.