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Sep 21, 2021

Will authoring a book get me more and higher paid gigs?

In this episode of #SpeakingBusinessPodcast, I talk to Sophie Bennett.  Sophie knows the value that books bring to Speakers.  Her first book brought her in her first invitation to speak, seven years ago.  That book transformed her writing business into a speaking business.  Her second book was written specifically to take her speaking business to a corporate audience and it worked!

It's turned her into an authority in the field of motivation, it's helped her land major corporate clients and was the reason she was invited to become a visiting Lecturer at Cranford School of Management.  She has coached and ghost written for many other speakers too.  She ghost wrote a book on the future of technology for a previously unknown Dutch Futurist.  That book helped him to more than quadruple his speaking fees!

In this fascinating episode, Sophie shares her tips and tools for becoming an author, getting published and how this will enhance your speaking business and quite possibly enable you to increase your speaking fees.


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