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Oct 20, 2020

My guest this week specialises in helping clients to harness the power of the virtual platform to grow their credibility, visibility and reputation. 

Using his years of experience in broadcasting his mission is to encourage leaders to improve their credibility by throwing away many of their traditional communication methods and embrace this opportunity with visual technology to raise engagement across their organisations.

He says ‘It’s totally not complicated to motivate teams to make the new world of Zoom, Skype and Teams really interesting and effective. All it takes is some simple skills, proven techniques, and insider tips, which has impact and influence on an audience even though they are not in the same room."

My special guest today is the professional broadcaster, Jon Hammond.


Reputations, both organisational and personal are precious commodities, especially in times of pressure and stress. Jon Hammond has been preserving, enhancing and protecting the reputations of major organisations and leaders for over 30 years.

As a speaker he is a recognised specialist in impactful communication, whether it is face to face or, more recently the demand has been to show companies how to be most effective virtually.

As an Executive Coach he advises organisations on communication strategy and supports leaders to deliver really impactful messages.

As a (Live or Virtual) Conference or Event Host, Jon puts his many years of experience and professionalism into creating and event for you to be justifiably proud of.

More importantly, Jon is fun to work with!

He will captivate your team with stories from a lifetime of influencing audiences, both at conferences and events (his maximum live audience at present is 50,000 people!) or on Radio and TV, ensuring that whilst enjoyable, the key relevant messages have an impact and an outcome for your people.

As a ‘shy person in a noisy body’ Jon has had a somewhat unusual career.

His childhood ambition was to be an auctioneer, so he trained as a surveyor, however a passion and energy for travel and discovering new things led him to become a DJ across Europe. It was then a natural progression to move into broadcasting, initially, pioneering in commercial music radio and then for sixteen years with BBC Radio and Television.

During this time, Jon hosted a variety of programmes from hard news to light entertainment and interviewed a vast range of guests from Prime Ministers to Corporate Heads and International Celebrities to Sporting Stars. This experience has made him an in-demand host for ensuring conferences (live or virtual) are on time, have momentum and interest, and more importantly have a resilient outcome.

Success though has its downside and whilst he and his family still live in Yorkshire, England, until recently Jon spent much of his time travelling. Most of the time now is spent in his professional studio, speaking, hosting, and coaching teams around the world.

With a firm belief in ‘putting back’ he is a Deputy Lieutenant for West Yorkshire – England, Freeman of the UK Guild of Entrepreneurs, Vice-President of Northern Ballet Theatre, a Governor of York St John University, and uses his compering and auctioneering skills to raise large amounts for several charities.

Recorded on: 6th August 2020


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