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Feb 28, 2019

This week I’ve gone a bit off-piste, I haven’t got one of my speakers as a guest, instead I have Chris Wharton who is Creative Director of 2ndfloor, a web and design Studio.

Chris is my go-to guy for all things website and branding and I thought I’d quiz him a bit to help speakers or anyone else looking for assistance in this field.

Chris has been working on a computer since he found MS Paint and created bank cards for his sister to play shop with. He has successfully managed, consulted and worked on projects for RBS, Renault, Coutts Bank, IKEA, WorldPay, Schroders, amongst others.

Chris has a wide range of skills including digital consultancy, UI design, UX and web build, sketch and illustration and project management. He knows a lot basically! Chris has created the branding for two of my businesses, Maria Franzoni Ltd, speaker bureau and for Speaking Business Academy. He also designed, built and maintains the Speaking Business Academy website as well as creating our company brochure.  

Recorded: 5th February 2019


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