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Speaking Business Podcast is a practical no waffle no nonsense podcast packed with actionable advice for Speakers wanting to be more bookable and make more money.

Oct 4, 2018

Today Maria’s guest is Neil Armstrong.  Neil has been making films and TV programmes for over 33 years. He started his career as a Film Assistant at the BBC and worked his way up to become a highly respected and sought-after Series Producer and Director.

Neil’s credits include ‘Alter Ego’ with Jon Culshaw, ‘Renford Rejects’, ‘The Miners “Location, Location, Location”, “House Doctor” for C5), and the “Teletubbies”.

Neil has filmed all over the world writing, producing and directing for a great range of brands from Astra Zeneca, Barclays and UBS right through to L’Oreal, John Lewis, Microsoft and Tate&Lyle.

He has also made Speaker Showreels for Roger Black, Sahar Hashemi, Sally Gunnell, Jamil Qureshi, Linda Yueh and Viv Creegor amongst others.

Recorded: June 2018

In this week’s episode, we learn the difference between how to shoot a show reel vs shooting a normal event, we learn about what else you could add to your reel other than video and why owning a spanner doesn’t actually make you a mechanic. So, let’s dive in….


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