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Sep 13, 2018

Today Maria’s guest is Chris Roebuck. Chris has vast experience as a leader. He was Global Head of Leadership at UBS during the implementation of one of the most successful corporate transformations. This period now forms a Harvard Business School case study on transforming organisational performance. Chris has also worked in government and public sector on major change and leadership projects, from UK National Health Service and local government to London Underground PFI partnership. Chris is currently visiting professor of transformational leadership at Cass Business School in London. In addition, he has served as a military officer and now works as an executive coach and mentor across a range of different sectors, helping senior executives to be more successful.

Recorded on: 5th July 2018

In this week’s show, Chris Roebuck shares how you can start your career managing catering services, including the bars for about 8000 undergraduates to being in the Army, to then becoming Global Head of Leadership at UBS.  Can everyone be a Leader? Chris believes they can and shares just what it takes to be a great leader in today’s fast changing world.  All this and more…


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Significant quotes:

“70% of the leaders out there have not been taught how to delegate effectively day to day, when that's exactly what they're supposed to do for their job.”

Next Week:

Join us next week when Maria’s guest will be Sports Presenter and Communications Trainer, James Pearce.