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Jul 12, 2018

This week Maria’s guest on the show is Mark Stevenson. Mark is a futurist, broadcaster, and expert on global trends and innovation. He's a highly respected thinker on the interplay of technology and society, helping a diverse mix of clients to become future-literate and adapt their cultures and strategy to squarely face the questions the future is asking them. He's the author of two best-selling books, An Optimist's Tour of the Future, and the award-winning, We Do Things Differently: The Outsiders Rebooting Our World. Mark's many advisory roles include Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Earth Challenge and Atlas of the Future. Mark is also resident futurist at the National Theatre of Scotland. TED curator, Chris Anderson said, "Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity, and reason."

Recorded on: 27th April 2018

Show Notes:

In this week’s show, Mark Stevenson talks to us about how he came to be a futurist via stand-up, about technology change over the next 20 years and why cultural change is so important. Mark tells us what he is doing with Richard Branson and the Virgin Earth Challenge and that he has an album coming out with plans to go out on the road! All this and much, much more.


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Significant quotes:

“The bad news is everything's broken. The good news is we can fix it. The ugly news is the next 20 years is going to be a bloodbath as the old world has to die.”

Next Week:

Join us next week when Maria’s guest will be co-founder of organic chocolate company, Green and Blacks, Josephine Fairley