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Mar 29, 2018

This week Maria’s guest on the show is Penny Mallory who is one of the most successful women rally drivers, and was the first woman in the world to compete in a world rally car, the Formula 1 of rallying. As a motoring expert, she has presented many high-profile TV shows, including the hugely successful Channel 4 show, Driven, World Rally Championship, the Used Car Roadshow, Accident Black Spots, Discovery's Classic Car Club and The Roadshow. Penny is a qualified performance coach and is the author of the book Take Control of Your Life, where she uses her driving successes as analogies of how you can transform your life. Penny is also the creator of the innovative Malory Band, helping wearers to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Recorded on: 12th January 2018

Show Notes:

In this week’s show Penny tells us how from an early age she wanted to become a rally driver, how this lead her into presenting and why speaking is such a passion. She talks about her love for boxing and how techniques used by Muhammad Ali inspired her to get into the boxing ring at the age of 42. Penny also admits to how many points she has on her driving license!!

Significant quotes:

“I'm not very good at having an idea and doing nothing about it”


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Next Week:

Join us next week when Maria’s guest will be Performance Psychologist, Jamil Qureshi.